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Cygnus Atratus

Welcome to Vickyland, behave or pink flying elephants will poop on your head.

Cygnus atratus
If you are one of those attention seeking,bitchy, lying, self-absorbed shit disturbers-make sure you remove me from your freinds' list or do not add me at all. Life is short so I'd rather enjoy it with positive people around.

I am what I am,
I am who I've become
There were many
But now I'm the only one
Walk through the gates of hell
And still Im alive to tell
The blind leading the blind
Thats how it went
I saw the dark bars of these gates
Sharp and jagged and bent
They opened
So on into the darkness I went
Step a pawn step
Thought after thought
Seeming it seemed
In my own mind I was caught
I walked through the blood
Still warm from the vanes it ran
And drenched I was red
I walked through hells flames
Burnt and scared
Yet not yet dead
I walked all the way
To the end of hells road
Where only empty skulls lay
I walked over the carcasses
Left there to decay
I found the evil kings throne
Except for my shadow
I was alone
So a seat I did take
Take I did to take a break
Then a mirror did I see
A mirror face down
On the chairs arm beside me
And a curious creature I may be
I just sat there and wondered
Where the devil the devil may be
And why free to roam his realm
He let me be
A quick look in the mirror I took
I took that look to see
And see I did what blood and flame
Had done to me
Seeing this puzzled me
For the devil I searched to see
Was the devil

That Was Me

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